Thursday, October 1, 2009

Movie Challenge!

I can't believe I made two movie challenges in a row! Holla! This challenge was super fun because it is ALL ABOUT THE BLING, Baby! So, even though I have not seen All About Eve, I decided to make this baby card with the "colors" of a black and white movie and of course the star: BLING! I whipped this puppy out in 15 minutes, so the glitter isn't even dry yet! I found these letter brads on clearance at JoAnn's a month, or so ago and wondered what to do with them...voila! Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Scrapping


  1. Look at you girl... Another great card.... Welcome back to another challenge.... I love the simple color scheme you choose... Way to get another theme worked into the challenge...


  2. Oh my gosh!! I love it, I just now saw this!!!

  3. AND ~ Just read it again... 'peace, love and scrapping' HAHA! You crack me up!!