Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is here!

Ahhh, my most favorite time of year! The hubs and I did our decorating over the weekend while our son slept. Much to my horror, I discovered that one of my favorite decorations was going to be a potential threat to our curious toddler...the stocking holders...dun dun dun! All at once I could see my sweet boy pulling on the stockings and pulling one of these suckers onto his head...

So, my husband decided to put up the stockings with nails, instead. Toddler head saver, indeed, but, none too attractive. So, today I set out on my quest to find a suitable decorative alternative. The prize was a battery operated garland for the mantle. There is a plug for regular lights on the side of the fireplace, but then we are back to the original problem of a yanking toddler. Now, when you live in middle USA, shopping is not always brimming with possibilities. After 3 stores and a tired child, I settled on making my own. At Target I found a strand of Philips battery operated lights on sale for $5. Then, I found plain garland for $5.99 and a set of "cranberry picks" for $5.99. Voila! Put it all together and you, too, can have this beautiful sight...

Okay, so the lights don't really show up in my picture, but they will this evening in the dark! For $17 I think it is a pretty good alternative! Plus, I was able to leave the stores so my son could stop yelling "BALL" at every ornament he saw!

The NOEL candle holder was also purchased today at Hobby Lobby for half off original price. Plus, it can be displayed horizontal, as well. Ahhh, versatile! Peace and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding Abby

Whew! What a crazy past few weeks! But, I'm back! I am totally excited about this week's Cinema Saturday movie: Finding Nemo! I love all the Disney movies because they always tend to have the same theme of a daddy's love. I'm really close to my dad, so these sentiments are close to me (Don't get me started with the end of Little Mermaid, when Ariel whispers, "I love you, Daddy!")! Plus, I LOVE seeing what a wonderful dad my husband is to our little boy. Anywho, Finding Nemo is no exception! What a great flick and here is my card:

Peace, Love, and Scrapping!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crop Fun!

Last Friday Nellie had a super awesome crop with a Dirty Dancing Theme. Since Nellie found us a sweet place to crop FOR FREE, we all made thank you cards. Nellie showed us how to fold our "dresses" with a 6x6 piece of paper (Thanks to Lindsay for the paper!). I decided to make my dress fancy by adding a sassy sash and a lovely little necklace. Cause if nobody puts Baby in the corner, then she better be looking good (snap, snap, snap!)!

Movie Challenge!

I can't believe I made two movie challenges in a row! Holla! This challenge was super fun because it is ALL ABOUT THE BLING, Baby! So, even though I have not seen All About Eve, I decided to make this baby card with the "colors" of a black and white movie and of course the star: BLING! I whipped this puppy out in 15 minutes, so the glitter isn't even dry yet! I found these letter brads on clearance at JoAnn's a month, or so ago and wondered what to do with them...voila! Enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Scrapping

Monday, September 21, 2009

You gotta love Prince!

I'm back! After a BUSY summer, I am totally anxious to do some more challenges! This week over at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge the movie was Pretty Woman! Love that flick! My BSB, Nellie and another friend went over to her house on Sunday to eat, watch the movie, and craft away! It took me the entire movie, PLUS Dirty Dancing to make my card, and I was not pleased with it. So, I reworked it while my DS was napping today. I like it a lot better! I chose to make my card to reflect their first night in the hotel while watching Lucy, drinking champagne, and eating strawberries. Yummers! I found this awesome Martha Stewart paper paper at Michael's on clearance last week and it had the cutest little strawberries (when my DH was little, he called them strawbabies!)! So, I cut them out and I used my Cricut to make the glass. The "bubbles" are just self-sticking gems. The little frame and quote is from JoAnn's. Super fun!

To Brooke and Sankari, congratulations of 50 challenges! What fun! I admire not only your talents, but also the sweet friendships you have made over the last year. What treasures! Hope you enjoy!

PS-I was trying to spruce up my blog with new art from shabby blogs, and I love the new header. Does anyone know how to add a picture in the frame without using photoshop? Thanks for the help!

Peace, Abby

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh yeah!

My awesome friend Nellie has a cool site at Check it out! She is offering some sweet blog candy to celebrate her one-year blogaversary. Go Nellie, it's your blogaversary. We're gonna party like it's your blogaversary. ROBOT DANCE. ROBOT DANCE :)

Why I am now a blogger!

Thanks to my bsb (best scrappin' buddy) ever, Nellie, I am a total scrapbook nut now! I am a stay-at-home mom (kindergarten teacher on hiatus) and I am in need for some creative outlets! I really need some practice, so I noticed Nellie competes in different scrapping challenges each week, so here is my first attempt...I know I am NOWHERE near the talent that a lot of these ladies possess, but, Nellie, I hope I make you proud!

The challenge is from This week the challenge was inspired by the movie To Kill a Mockingbird. I first saw this movie when my husband and I were living in Chicago. During the summers, the city would offer free movies in the park. We went to see this one and it was awesome! So fun, to lay on a blanket in the park with your honey, watching a classic movie...with snacks of course (I am an avid eater: see profile pic!). When I thought of this movie, my memories took me to hot summer nights, fireworks, and fun. Here is my card:

Here is what I used:

Paper: making memories (I think)

Ribbon: Offray

Paper Flowers: Colorbok

Buttons: My personal collection!

Metal word fetti: making memories

Letter Stamps: Hodgepodge Alphabet from CTMH

Ink: White Daisy from CTMH

Thanks for letting me play!

Here I am!

Well, here I come into the big world of blogging...we'll see how this goes!