Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is here!

Ahhh, my most favorite time of year! The hubs and I did our decorating over the weekend while our son slept. Much to my horror, I discovered that one of my favorite decorations was going to be a potential threat to our curious toddler...the stocking holders...dun dun dun! All at once I could see my sweet boy pulling on the stockings and pulling one of these suckers onto his head...

So, my husband decided to put up the stockings with nails, instead. Toddler head saver, indeed, but, none too attractive. So, today I set out on my quest to find a suitable decorative alternative. The prize was a battery operated garland for the mantle. There is a plug for regular lights on the side of the fireplace, but then we are back to the original problem of a yanking toddler. Now, when you live in middle USA, shopping is not always brimming with possibilities. After 3 stores and a tired child, I settled on making my own. At Target I found a strand of Philips battery operated lights on sale for $5. Then, I found plain garland for $5.99 and a set of "cranberry picks" for $5.99. Voila! Put it all together and you, too, can have this beautiful sight...

Okay, so the lights don't really show up in my picture, but they will this evening in the dark! For $17 I think it is a pretty good alternative! Plus, I was able to leave the stores so my son could stop yelling "BALL" at every ornament he saw!

The NOEL candle holder was also purchased today at Hobby Lobby for half off original price. Plus, it can be displayed horizontal, as well. Ahhh, versatile! Peace and Happy Holidays!


  1. Very festive! Good job on the garland!

  2. Way to go on the garland. Good idea on taking the stocking holders down. We had a heavy metal "E" fall on Zachary's forhead (right between his eyes) when he was 15 months old. He did not pull on it. I dropped it when I was putting them away and he was right under my feet. I thought it killed him. The worst thing ever! It took another 15 months for the goose egg to reabsorb in his forehead. Again great job on removing the hazard. The mantle looks so festive! Good job!